Inspiration: Doodling

[image courtesy of chipotle]

Chipotle announced, last month, that their packaging–cups and bags–will now feature the writing of several esteemed authors. Jonathan Safran Foer is responsible for this charette. While eating at Chipotle, he lamented his lack of reading material. That’s when the idea struck him: what if Chipotle provided the reading? Now, Foer joins Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell, and George Saunders, among many others, as the new Chipotle cup and bag canon (Foer put together the list).

You can read cup reviews, here!

MATTER: Olympic Posters

Here’s a great feature on One hundred years of Olympic posters. We’re partial to the seventies graphics. Which are your favorite?

Happy Valentine’s Day

A video by Justina Lang, for Design Sponge:

How to draw hearts with circles – A Geometric “Love” Story from Fiber Lab on Vimeo.


In 1900, Erwin Perzy created the first snowglobe, with snow made from ground rice. His patent was titled “Glass Globe With Snow Effect.” Today, his grandson runs a snowglobe museum in Vienna. The backstory:

At the turn of the 20th century, a surgeon asked Erwin Perzy, a medical instrument technician, to make the Edison light bulb brighter for his operating room in Vienna. Perzy drew inspiration from shoemakers, who would fill a globe with water and place it in front of a candle to magnify lighting. To further enhance the effect, Perzy filled the water globe first with tinsel, then with white grit, to reflect the bulb’s light. Unfortunately, the idea failed. The added particles floated to the bottom and no longer increased light.

On this snowy day, it’s easy to feel as if we’re enclosed in a snowglobe. Which scene do you choose?



“Wintry Mix”
Enjoy the Snow!

1. Winter Prayers, Iron and Wine

2. Wind and Rain, Wild Leaves

3. Neon Drag, Malaena Cadiz

4. Cups, Lulu and the Lampshades (Watch the amazing video, here)

5. You Were Always on My Mind, Elvis Presley

6. Alison, Elvis Costello

7. Day is Done, Nick Drake

8. Blackbird, Elliot Smith

Gifts for the Sleepless

Personally, a bed or chaise lounge will ease us to sleep, but for those who need a little more encouragement… about an ostrich pillow?

or a cashmere bratwurst blanket?

These are perfect gifts for the insomniacs in your life. Garnish with some lavender, for relaxation.


Through December 20. Happy Holidays!

Library Credenza: Named Best of Year Finalist by Interior Design

Maxine Snider Inc.’s Library Credenza was named as a finalist for Best of Year by Interior Design. The credenza was honored in a December 5 awards ceremony, attended by over 900 people, in Frank Gehry’s IAC building, in New York City. Among more than 1,800 submissions, the credenza kept good company with finalists Andrew Franz, Bauen36 Architecture, and Rimadesio.

Matter: Much Ado About Cords

Martha Stewart tried shoving cords in a basket under the desk and later taught us to organize our extra cords in pipe insulation.

This latest solution on DesignSponge offers a more over-the-top approach. Don’t hide your cords; flaunt them!

Here’s a diy tutorial on DesignSponge

How do you keep cords under control in your office or home?

Museum of Useful Things

It’s Black Friday, and millions of Americans are buying things they don’t need. I came upon a refreshing site, for those gathering gifts with purpose–not altruistic, necessarily, but utilitarian. The Museum of Useful Things (byline: “the beauty of function”) has curated a collection of office supplies, hardware, kitchen items, and more to make daily tasks a little more pleasing to the eye. The e-shop has a blog, as well.

Medium Nailbrush, $26

Gooseneck twine, $30

Field Notebook, $10

Canvas Bucket, $14

What are your favorite utilitarian objects?