Color by its parts

We often think of color as what we are seeing at the moment.  Only from the angle of the artist’s eye is it viewed as a sum of individual elements.  Japanese design duo, Ima Moteki, have challenged us by creating a line of paints whose ‘names’ are its components instead of it’s end result.

close up

Each tube is labelled with the primary colors in the proportion that make up the color inside.  An interesting experiment and we imagine, experience to use.  Designed for children to teach the basic concepts behind color theory, we find it can also have a deeper resonance.


Not only does it add an essence of critical thinking, it also represents how what the eye sees is really a sum of much smaller elements.  Change the elements within and the result is changed not unlike a meal, an artwork, or an emotion.  A set of ‘Nameless Paints’ will be available to purchase here later this month.


entire set

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Wood Transformed into Textile

Wood in the hands of textile team Tesler + Mendelovitch becomes a flexible and faceted ‘fabric’.  They’ve used their textile for a line of clutch style purses.


The designers believe that ‘every material has it’s own chi or it’s own energy’ and they feel that wood especially ‘makes the body connect to nature and calms your chi’.  As a result, creating something using these materials allows us to tap into that experience.  It was important to them that the clutch ‘felt good, not just looked good’.



We enjoy showcasing the natural look and beauty of wood in our designs so we appreciate the uniqueness of each piece created.  Each one laid out with precision to highlight the inherent complexity of the wood.  All are lined with fine leather hide for a fully tactile and luxurious experience as well.

02fb89_0ef1048bb3fa4550817cf2b8768f7a82.png_srb_p_400_400_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Here is where you can find your own.


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Plank Furniture

Concealed storage meets minimalistic design with these new pieces designed by Max Lamb. We love the thoughtful design of each of the pieces which have hidden storage nooks inset within the center of the table top and in each bench. Lamb stated, “I’ve used full-width planks as the defining feature, both structurally and visually, with the key intention being to make a collection of furniture with utility, strength, durability and economy of material”. This line is all about intention.


Planks-furniture-collection-benchmark-max-lamb_Dezeen_468_2 Planks-furniture-collection-benchmark-max-lamb_Dezeen_468_3 Planks-furniture-collection-benchmark-max-lamb_Dezeen_468_5 Planks-furniture-collection-benchmark-max-lamb_Dezeen_468_6

Source: Dezeen

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Raw Details

Contemporary exposed elements meets classic design in this renovated Tokyo apartment. The unique installation of the herringbone flooring is a traditional detail in an otherwise modern living space. We appreciate the fact that leaving structural elements exposed is a popular trend among newly renovated Japanese homes.







Architecture by: Kunihiko Matsuba and Seitaro Aso

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Prints on wood

Eskayel has  partnered with Dane Co. to bring their unique abstract patterns to handcrafted furniture. The collection includes sofas, chairs, benches and ottomans made from 3 different species; ash, maple, and white oak that are covered in Eskayel’s digitally-printed designs in water-based ink. Such a brilliant collaboration between two notable brands.
Eskayel-Dane-Co-Furniture-Collection-3-600x503 Eskayel-Dane-Co-Furniture-Collection-6-600x486


(This chair is one of our favorites!)




Source: Design-Milk


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House on the water

This floating house on Lake Huron sets itself apart immediately when you look at it. It is one of 5 unique homes at that area of the lake, this one floats like a pontoon so it adapts to the changing water levels that vary from month to month and year to year. It has a scandinavian feel to the architecture and interior design which is a personal favorite.








Source Dezeen, to see more of the ‘floating house’ click here

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Better with Age…

The 1085 Edition Chair

Bartoli Design has created a new piece of furniture for its 2015 line and it is age defying. This chair is one that was made to age. The wooden base will withstand years of use and remain unchanged and yet the leather will get texture, deepen color, and soften over the years. It has a tie rod on the back side to tighten the hide as it releases over time.







They use a specific dying process to their product which allows them to over see every detail.  This approach will be sure to yield long lasting beauty to the product in its lifetime.





To see more of their designs click here, source design – milk.

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Kanto Plain Home

Architect Nobuo Araki has built this modern, functional, and natural home in the middle of Japan’s largest plain. It houses a single family and offers aesthetically pleasing elements that have the dual purpose of protecting the home and it’s occupants from the harsh summer sun as well as the blustery cold winters. The overhang covers each side of the house with just a slight incline off the roof for drainage and the building materials are kept simple as well.  The small details make for a not so plain home for the plains of the region.







To view more of Araki’s work click here, source Dezeen.

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In New Light

Light can be seen in so many ways, from white to multicolored, to its brightness, in movement… but with this installation we see how colors blend. This gradient project shows us how only red, green, and blue lights come together on each white shaped surface to create endless combinations.

Dennis Parren has several installations at the Musée de la Mine in St. Etienne, France.  We think this work is particularly juicy. To view his other work click here.




With just the use of 3 colors you can create an entire world of radiant bold hues.

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Contemporary Design for Children

Cose Da Bocia have turned repurposed materials into modern day kids furniture.  The collection pieces flow effortlessly within the home, with no separation between the space for adults and children in the modern home. It has a minimalist feel but the metal colors and rope materials add depth and playfulness to the designs.

“The home, including the children’s room, is envisaged as a combination of spaces capable of keeping both the important and more evanescent sides of our personality alive” so Marcante and Testa point out, the creators of the line.  By combining an industrial feel with the color palettes chosen the designers avoid the traditional ‘cuteness’ of children’s furniture, bringing in sophistication and contemporary style.


cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_02 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_10 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_07 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_06

To see more information about these products click HERE

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