House on the water

This floating house on Lake Huron sets itself apart immediately when you look at it. It is one of 5 unique homes at that area of the lake, this one floats like a pontoon so it adapts to the changing water levels that vary from month to month and year to year. It has a scandinavian feel to the architecture and interior design which is a personal favorite.








Source Dezeen, to see more of the ‘floating house’ click here

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Better with Age…

The 1085 Edition Chair

Bartoli Design has created a new piece of furniture for its 2015 line and it is age defying. This chair is one that was made to age. The wooden base will withstand years of use and remain unchanged and yet the leather will get texture, deepen color, and soften over the years. It has a tie rod on the back side to tighten the hide as it releases over time.







They use a specific dying process to their product which allows them to over see every detail.  This approach will be sure to yield long lasting beauty to the product in its lifetime.





To see more of their designs click here, source design – milk.

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Kanto Plain Home

Architect Nobuo Araki has built this modern, functional, and natural home in the middle of Japan’s largest plain. It houses a single family and offers aesthetically pleasing elements that have the dual purpose of protecting the home and it’s occupants from the harsh summer sun as well as the blustery cold winters. The overhang covers each side of the house with just a slight incline off the roof for drainage and the building materials are kept simple as well.  The small details make for a not so plain home for the plains of the region.







To view more of Araki’s work click here, source Dezeen.

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In New Light

Light can be seen in so many ways, from white to multicolored, to its brightness, in movement… but with this installation we see how colors blend. This gradient project shows us how only red, green, and blue lights come together on each white shaped surface to create endless combinations.

Dennis Parren has several installations at the Musée de la Mine in St. Etienne, France.  We think this work is particularly juicy. To view his other work click here.




With just the use of 3 colors you can create an entire world of radiant bold hues.

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Contemporary Design for Children

Cose Da Bocia have turned repurposed materials into modern day kids furniture.  The collection pieces flow effortlessly within the home, with no separation between the space for adults and children in the modern home. It has a minimalist feel but the metal colors and rope materials add depth and playfulness to the designs.

“The home, including the children’s room, is envisaged as a combination of spaces capable of keeping both the important and more evanescent sides of our personality alive” so Marcante and Testa point out, the creators of the line.  By combining an industrial feel with the color palettes chosen the designers avoid the traditional ‘cuteness’ of children’s furniture, bringing in sophistication and contemporary style.


cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_02 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_10 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_07 cose_da_bocia_kids_furniture_06

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Plywood Perfection

This out of the box furniture uses both design and architecture combined to make the most balanced unique pieces that are fully functional and are not lacking in creativity. This particular chair caught our attention—

The ‘Counterpoise’ plywood chair

001-COUNTERPOISE-KdA-3-e1413143879308 001-COUNTERPOISE-KdA-1-e1413144272293 001-COUNTERPOISE-KdA-2-e1413144000365

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Created with Time, Gone in Moments: Art in Salt

The Saltworks of Motoi Yamamoto are magnificent works of art that are created with just one medium… salt. His work is temporary yet monumental.  The salt symbolizes life and death and at the end of each show the artist brings the salt back to the sea. He has said, “Drawing a labyrinth with salt is like following a trace of my memory. Memories seem to change and vanish as time goes by; however, what I seek is to capture a frozen moment that cannot be attained through pictures or writings. What I look for at the end of the act of drawing could be a feeling of touching a precious memory”. This process is similar to meditation and for him it is all part of the never ending healing process after the untimely death of his sister.  Salt in a wound hurts; it can also heal.









To see more of Motoi Yamamoto’s work click HERE

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Petals as Paint

Rebecca Louise Law has a stunning take on recreating the elements of nature for others to enjoy. Typically she uses flowers, both dried and alive, in her art installations. Rebecca “replaced paint with flowers” and we are enjoying every bit of it. She brings nature indoors in the most elegant way.

Rebecca_Louise_Law_03 Rebecca_Louise_Law_01 Rebecca_Louise_Law_04 Rebecca_Louise_Law_07 Japan_05

To view more of Rebecca’s work click HERE

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A Diffused Spotlight

KNGB Creation has a passionate team of artisans that have created the Faro lamp. Each lamp is crafted using raw materials which allows each piece to be unique and authentic. The shade can be adjusted by two leather straps and the ‘projector’ is completely covered to add warmth and ambiance in the space.  It has the feel of a Hollywood spotlight lamp (I’m ready for my close-up) but the bespoke detailing of an experienced tailor.


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Eleanor Ambos a living treasure, keeper of treasures

When asked to name her occupation Eleanor Ambos, looks up and then without pause looks you in the eye and answers ‘crazy’.  Here is a women who has spent the last 35 years renovating an old warehouse on Long Island and collecting many floors worth of furniture and accessories.  Used for interior design projects, photo shoots, and the location of formal events, the Metropolitan building in Long Island and several other locations upstate are her creative playground.



Nomadique, a creative collective in Brooklyn, has created a short film that captures exquisitely her spirit and struggles as she enters her 80’s and the modern era.  She is truly an original and should be honored as the inner design voice we can only dare to tap into and express from ourselves.





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