Coming summer 2008: Charles and Ray Eames stamps  

HERO: Humanitarian Design

If I had to guess your 2008 resolutions, I’d bet they include, among others: Do Something Good for the World.Here are a few design-related inspirations, while you’re figuring out just how, specifically, you want to do that. If you’re reading this blog, then you understand what design can do–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Below: a few […]

MATTER: Cardboard II

Way before Treehugger was wearing flax pants, Shigeru Ban was making stadiums, bridges, and benches out of cardboard tubes. Last year, you could find the architect in his temporary office, atop the Pompidou. Ban uses cardboard, beer crates, and sand to construct structures that defy convention.  Above: Ban’s temporary office, atop the Pompidou. Below: Ban’s bridge made of stone […]

FURNITURE: Writing Tables and Tools

The Paris Writing Table    Writing is far more inspiring with a solid, clean working surface before you; more so if that surface has space for your writing tools. High mixes well with low, when picking your pens and pencils.      Grippers: Colored pencils (or any other MUJI goods–more on MUJI to come!): Fountain Pens:     Paper Weights (these are from John Derien)  

Utopia: Shakers

The Shakers are famous for their bureaus, sewing tables, dressers, flat brooms, and boxes. One Shaker sister gave voice to the popularity (read: commodification) in a BBC documentary, titled “I Don’t Want to Be Remembered as a Chair. Some of us can think of worse legacies, of course.   Few people know that aside from the fine furniture, the Shakers […]