What is it about a very sharp pencil that makes for a feeling of possibility?  If it only costs 59 cents to feel on top of the world, spend the 59 cents! We’ve found some kindred spirits at Pencil Revolution. They understand the “finer points.” In fact, they offer several reviews of the pencils featured below. […]

MATTER: Wood Blocks, redux

I know we’ve featured blocks before, but these inspired a reprise:   Legno! [via Swiss Miss] 

Extra Extra: Joel Grey’s Bungalow

Joel Grey’s bungalow in the New York Times, today: It’s his second home, and 650 square feet.  

LIT: A Year of Mornings

Here is a sneak peak at a book we are looking forward to holding, come September (you can pre-order now). In many ways this project inspired a lot of other daily photography and drawing projects in the blogosphere:   3191, A Year of Mornings began on January 1, 2007 as an almost daily photo conversation, in blog […]

MATTER: ebay

We always hear great stories about friends finding furniture, prints, and great fabric on ebay, but it can be overwhelming for the novice. We appreciate good curators, when it comes to art—and ebay, too! Here are a few of our favorite ebay curators: Reference Library: Andy Beach makes you sorry you lost on things you […]