Here are the finalists for this year’s New York City’s CityRacks design competition. The call was for bicycle parking.   Which do you like best? 


Some of us daydream daily about going back to school, while others have nightmares about the same notion. One burgeoning field that designers often overlook is environmental psychology. City University of New York has an extremely innovative program. Look at some of the subjects current PhD students are tackling: My interests are in Housing, Homelessness, and […]


Apartamento is a great magazine that is not always so easy to find:      We are looking forward to the next issue. In the meantime, to tide you over: a new Oprah mag, O at Home, focusing on interiors. How will it stand up to, say, Domino? Here are some photographs from the last issue:    [photos: Julian Wass] 

SENSE: of well-being

The weather is autumnal, and according to Chinese medicine, the organs associated with fall are the lungs and colon. After you put all those papers in the organizer [below], take a minute to step away from your desk and strengthen your lung Qi. Go ahead! Your coworkers will love it.    A)Begin in horse stance […]


We didn’t realize we needed one of those so badly–until it arrived. It’s great for keeping your desktop clear of paper clutter [from See Jane Work] . 


This might fit into many categories, but Abby Clawson over at Hi-and-Low has posted a few great entries on mail art. Of course, it’s quickly becoming a lost art:      If you recognize her name, she was senior art director for Kate Spade from 2004 through 2007.  The Letter writers’ alliance is committed to the cause of letter writing. […]