Jean Pelle has designed these beautiful objects that make us think of assemblage and bricolage, and Brancusi’s sculptures at MOMA. You can purchase some of her unique creations, here. [Thank you, DesignSponge]     


Leeanne Shapton has reenvisioned classics with these beautiful wood paintings/sculptures of  books. Available at John Derian! [Thanks to Uppercase Journal]  


Now that the recession is official, you might want to think of downsizing clothing purchases. Here is a dress that changes as often as you want it to, with the touch of your hand and markers–an unexpected use of ink. These dresses by Fernando Brizio are beautiful! 

DREAM: PART ONE, Building a Boat

Getting  a head start on dreams mistakenly deferred (or left the defeatist world of “New Year’s Resolutions”), we are focusing this month on how to do design-related things you have always dreamed of doing, but maybe didn’t know just how to go about it–how to build a boat, carve wooden bowls, restore furniture, run a […]