It’s the little things–like radiators. Karim Rashid can get excited and incensed about poor radiator design, and we’re grateful. It doesn’t hurt to push your agenda while wearing a uniform of all white or pink clothing for 10+ years. The New York Times ran a great interview on this design star on February 19. You […]


Though the Kindle II arrived to great fanfare this month, we’re still feeling romantic about books as objects–the smell, the size, and the feel of turning pages. Peter Koch Printers shares our enthusiasm for the book–and more. He uses old presses in combination with computers, and teaches both the history of typography and how to use an […]


Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with bandanas. They’re iconic–seemingly, they are so good they can’t be improved upon, or maybe no one feels inspired to try. We’re satisfied with the colors, shape, and design. They can be used as a headwrap, hanky, or tie for your yoga mat.   


Hopefully, you have already found your way to the addictive web-site, The Selby, where Todd Selby takes us on tours of fabulous homes and apartments, in states ranging from compulsively ordered to total disarray. If not, get thee to The Selby, pronto. Even the daily detritus sprinkled around Peaches Geldof’s apartment is compelling.   


DesignSponge blogger, Grace Bonney brought our attention to Marimekko’s Spring 09 designs. If you are fighting the February blues, these swatches might brighten your day. I file this post away under inspiration but also “dream,” because we often dream of all the things we might sew with Marimekko fabric.    


Most of us are taught to “dream big,” but if you are dreaming “tiny,” you will love this blog: the tiny house blog, with special categories for floating houses and pre-fabs. I especially like this hand-crank washing machine, or at least the idea of it. Having just run two loads through a washing machine, I think efficiency comes in many […]


  We would be remiss not to mention that Domino Magazine will be closing its doors. The last issue features Zooey Deschanel’s abode. Her fabulously bright tights are a great part of the photos (they are look from london). We are still enjoying the Domino blog, and we will wait to hear what’s next from Deborah Needleman and crew (And this feels […]

MATTER: Put on Your Empathy Suit

  While the term might sounds like something as figurative as “thinking cap” or “birthday suit,” an empathy suit is an actual contraption used by designers to simulate various conditions, including old age. The Mobilstrictor, for example, simulates a loss of mobility–the kind that might come from an accident, or a condition like rheumatoid arthritis. Designers don […]