Klein & Reid are two of our favorite ceramicists. Their new pieces are on our wish list, including the out of stock top set for Herman Miller.    


If you’re font-crazy, you’ll love this site. You can download new fonts–free! I love 3-D Salter and Abba Regular.


Record players are coming back. Again. We’ve noticed a number of new models that play your vinyl while turning the records into mp3’s at the same time. Crosleymakes some retro beauties: I like this one, too:  

Cozy and coupling

As the weather turns cooler, you might want to get a little closer to your loved ones. Snuggle. Here are a few things that make such coupling a little easier.    Chairs by Allan Wexler Teton Sports Mammoth O-degree Sleeping Bag     Love Pillows [available here]  

knockoffs, and other ethical questions

Many of us are looking to pinch pennies right now. But those of us in the design world know that if everyone pinched pennies, we might be out of work. Good design can, perhaps, change the world, but most of our products are luxury–they can be bought uglier and cheaper. So how do you feel […]


Apartment Therapy does it again, with some great pumpkin pics.    

Ode to the Rubber Band

How to Make a Rubber Band Ball [via ehow] The rubber band ball is often considered a truly magnificent act of boredom. On the contrary, creating a rubber band ball can be a great stress reliever, not to mention an interesting way to store your rubber bands until you need them. Rubber band balls can be any size […]


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I can’t help but worry that the sky gets darker, earlier. Soon fall will turn to winter, and I’m guarding against the darkness with light over my head.  Modern Chandelier: Sphere 19 Pendant Lamp  “85 Lamps” Modern Chandelier by Droog Patrick Townsend’s White Orbit Chandelier


We do judge books by their covers and we admit it. If you’re also interested in book design, run to pick up PENGUIN BY DESIGN, which chronicles 70 years of good book design at Penguin. Flickr member Joe Kral started to collect the books after reading PENGUIN BY DESIGN. Chip Kidd’s BOOK ONE: WORK: 1986-2006 is another great choice […]