I’ll venture to call Polaroid film a utopian idea, at least when it was first proposed: the idea was shocking–shake your film in plain air and watch the image emerge. In February 2008, Polaroid ceased to make Polaroid film, opting to focus entirely on digital products. Not satisfied to go quietly into the night, several […]

EASIER: bar codes on your iphone

We’re adding a feature to this blog called “Easier,” which will offer occasional tips to make your life easier. Here’s our hottest tip, and we hope we’re not late to this game: an iphone app that will actually scan all your important bar codes, the kind that hang clumsily on your key chain (your gym […]

MATTER: Living Walls

We first saw these woolly pockets and living walls on Design Sponge. The web-site inspired: check out the woolly pocket school garden! Have any readers out there tried this at home?

Day to Day: Letterhead

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your letterhead, check out this fabulous blog, Letterheady, where great letterheads are on display. Here are a few belonging to some familiar  and less familiar figures:


Launched in 2009, the Design Revolution Road Show is the brainchild of Project H Design, and is coming to locations near you, soon–in an airstream trailer. The mission: “The Design Revolution Road Show is a traveling exhibition and lecture series bringing “product design that empowers” to 35 high schools and university design programs across the […]


It’s not too late to get your Moleskine year started. Look at this beautiful set. Each notebook is small enough to slip into your purse!

MATTER: A Collection A Day

We’ve been following Lisa Congdon’s blog, which chronicles her collections–a new collection each day. Here are a few of our favorites, so far. Her web-site is here.