NEWS: The New Luxury, a Panel

Please join us for a discussion on Defining the New Luxury: A Luxury Market in the New Post-recession World. May 12, 2pm at the David Sutherland Showroom Alan M. Siegel, partner in the law firm of Levy Sonet & Siegel, LLP and serves as national legal counsel to the American Society of Interior Designers, Inc., will moderate […]


File this one away under “news” or “easier,” since any renter in the city might appreciate decals that afford the look of hand-stenciled lettering on the walls, with no need to cover them up when you move out. Design sponge featured Shanna Murray’s decals this morning, and they caught our attention. We’ve seen other decals […]

EASIER: Uten Silo

To remind you, the “Easier” feature of this blog is intended to give you a few ideas to make your life easier. This tip will only improve your life if you’re willing to spend money on the classic Uten Silo Wall Tidy. Designed in the late 1960’s, the wall tidy has not lost its cool–or […]


Technically speaking, this link will take you to a delightful place involving sight and–thanks to digital technology––touch. It’s precisely your touch that determines the pattern by which all these gorgeous shapes split and change color. I am not going to give you any more hints. Go here! Recommended when you need a little meditation time, […]

When Art Catches On: Letters

Sometimes visual artists are so successful that their work is co-opted, commercially. Jack Pierson was one of the first artists to introduce the use of letters reclaimed from marquees and old signs. His idea captivated the design world, and appropriations are easy to find–at stores like Anthropologie, or even in design offices [below]. When Barney’s […]