No doubt, summer in the city can assault the senses–all of them. Sometimes, a good scent can put you right. Aromatherapy uses plant oils to enhance both physical and psychological well-being. Lots of people use lavender, for example, to hasten and encourage relaxation. Think of the scent as an offering in a crowded subway, as […]


When it comes to the fine form/function balance, candles should receive high marks in both categories. Our favorite candles are gorgeous to look at and to inhale. Nothing puts me in the mood for writing, romance, or cleaning like a good candle. Aside from the olfactory pleasure, lighting a candle to mark the beginning of […]


Taxidermy seems all right, in the eyes of many young artists and even vegetarians who wouldn’t be caught dead in fur coats. Two sisters were featured prominently in the New York Times about their aesthetic largely based on dead animals and other stuff Edward Gorey would love. We’ve seen taxidermy photographers. But the most arresting […]

Behold, the Library Ladder

Little needs to be said about the beauty of the library ladder, but here are some new photos to drool over. Though most people think they need oodles of space to justify such a purchase, DesignSponge featured a small-scale use of built-in bookshelves with a ladder, today. As the photos attest, library ladders are not […]


It’s hard to say what makes a plant a “summer plant,” aside from the season in which it thrives. These plants can be grown all year long, but still read to us as summer plants, reminding us that all is verdant. A few favorites include: angel vine, baby tears, air plants, maidenhair ferns, and oxalis. […]


We’re longtime fans of a product called homosote, but I’m often met with blank stares when requesting it at hardware and lumber stores. That’s slowly changing, partly because the material is green–made from 100% percent recycled waste paper–and partly because it’s been touted by trusted arbiters of good taste. Apartment Therapy paid homage to the […]