These garlands made by Confetti System offer something more elegant than typical crepe paper fare, and something more wild than green boughs. An interview with the founders of CS can be found, here. CS decorated the store Opening Ceremony for Cinco de Mayo, and made garlands for Andy Spade’s store, Partners & Spade. We’d love […]

The Table

[via Montmartre]

The Other Side of Organized

For those neatniks who derive great pleasure from stylized clutter–at least when you see it in a Shelter mag, this book is for you: As the subtitle gives away, this book is for those striving to have an organized home filled with warmth and curios–without the chaos of clutter. You can read the first chapter, […]

DAY TO DAY: Stendig Calendar + others

It’s time to take stock, clink glasses, and set up for 2011. Hang your calendar! We’ve been a fan of the Stendig Calendar for many years, but we’re conflicted this year. Pentagram’s wall calendar gives Stendig a run for its money. For those looking to make a physically, smaller statement, how about Noa Bemibre’s calendar?

Tool: Humidifier

For years, we’ve regretted the dry heat that comes with winter weather. As soon as the heat goes on, someone in the family or office gets sick, and we all start to feel a little less vibrant. Enter: the humidifier. For years, we tried to make our humidifiers as unnoticeable as possible: white or black. […]


I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, today. I would have liked to stop and show you everything. No photographing is allowed inside the museum, but I made a note to share this with you as soon as I got home: a Braille Polaroid Camera. This camera takes photographs and creates a raised […]


With lots of Christmas and holiday markets around this month, it’s easy to feel disproportionately lustful about material objects. While trying to keep our priorities in check, these doorknobs may be our downfall. Designed by the talented Karin Stromberg, they will be sold at a market in Sweden. Please pick one or ten up for […]