Mjolk: Toronto, CA

If you’re looking to rotate in a few new design blogs, I recommend taking a look at Kitka Design’s blog, written by the a couple (just married this week!) who brought the store Mjolk to Toronto. Recently, they obsessively collected classic office supplies. You may recognize some of these iconic items:


Last year, we featured collection photographs by artist Lisa Congdon. Today, an edition of her prints is for sale at Jen Bekman’s project 20 x 200. Sign up fro Bekman’s mailing list, and you’ll receive announcements of weekly editions If you’re looking for erasers, rather than photographs of erasers:

The Library Bench


I enjoyed reading about a young couple–both designers–not afraid to live outside of the traditional “design centers.”  In addition to recent collaborations with Ashley Rose Helvey, they’re set to design a new line for Urban Outfitters. Read more, here.


It’s January 5, 2011. You have December food in the fridge. Why throw away the holiday food? If you’ve ever wondered how long is too long to archive those brussel sprouts, here’s a guide, courtesy of The Sac Chef. A list of common leftovers and recommended refrigerator storage times: soups and stews: 3 to 4 […]

SENSE: New Year; New Songs

2011, You sound different. Here’s what we’re listening to: World News, Local Natives Blowin’ in the Wind, Stevie Wonder (that’s right!) [click on “preview this track”] Little Life, Josephine Foster Province, TV on the Radio Lollipop, Squeak E. Clean Can’t Get it Right Today, Joe Purdy


It’s 2011; some of you may be making resolutions while others are making, perhaps, a bucket list. For me, visiting the Spiral Jetty is something that could go on either list–something I want to do before I die, but right now. For many years, the spiral jetty was obscured by water, but it’s been visible, […]


No, not mine, silly. The title simply refers to the ever-popular occasion that, as of late, has inspired some breathtaking design. Abby Clawson Low of Hi + Low Blog showed off her invite to readers, 8 years after the fact… Youngna Park’s handkerchief invitation was featured in several places, including Brooklyn Bride.


Happy New Year!!!! In light of all the resolutions you made, it’s time to become more efficient. Without even reading your list, I can guarantee that you are hoping to make extra hours in each day. One of the largest time sucks known to techno-savvy humans is e-mail. I was turned onto this concept of […]