The Bechers

While many of us tire easily with repetition, Hilla and Bern Becher showed with photographs how productive a narrow focus can be, as they catalogued the architectural beauty of variations on an industrial theme, from East Germany to Appalachia. In 1959, they began a lifelong collaboration that ended only with Bernd’s death in 2006 (they […]

Holiday: Happy Passover and Happy Easter


House in a Hill

Normally, the thought of a half-subterranean home in a hill would not appeal, but these photos have me reconsidering. [source]

Jewelry with a sense of humor

Presenting: the cuticle protector, in gold. From the “Non-therapeutic Tool for Grieving” project Or for the architect who has everything, Happy  Mother’s Day! [

laundry lines

You may remember the big Clothesline Debate of 2009, when all kinds of neuroses were on full display–even as many people fought to bring those “intimates” indoors. I had a landlord who clothespinned her husband’s underwear, tee shirts, and button-downs to the line in the backyard, and I marveled at her fastidiousness (I also marveled […]