Holton Rower’s “Tall Painting” video has been making the rounds on several blogs, but I especially liked to see the way the painting was reappropriated as an art lesson with a group of “unschoolers,” age 6 to 14.


Continuing the search for perfect sawhorses and trestles, we found this trestle, called “the sinus trestle,” which comes in black, white, orange and chrome. [via bltd]


Summer Mix: It appears we’ve moved from winter to summer, skipping spring. We’ve changed our sounds, accordingly, mixing a little nostalgia with the kind of earnest passion (see Fleet Foxes, below) that reminds us winter is over. No more walking around with your shoulders up to your ears. Fidelity, Regina Spektor One Love, Bob Marley […]

LIT: Drawn In

Fabulous illustrator (and wallpaper, linen, book, ceramic designer–and more) Julia Rothman has put together a new book of sketchbook extracts, to satisfy the voyeur and/or diarist in you: Drawn In will inspire you to open up your sketchbook or to start a new one. [via Swiss Miss]

HERO: Milton Glaser on “The Fear of Failure”

KEYHOLE: The Concrete House

I post this first picture for the love of the sawhorse. First showcased in Dwell and later, Remodelista, this kitchen counter is made from a giant slab of cypress on two sawhorses. But in taking the full “tour” of this house, I found countless things to love–such as the daybed and the study (right down […]


When Matt Jacobson graduated from the Parsons School of Design, he was the first designer to be hired at Number 17, a multidisciplinary design studio. On the 17th of each month, the firm celebrated with lunch. This year is the firm’s 17th anniversary, and Matt—now living in Chicago—decided to curate a show celebrating the number […]


Though calligraphy pens are found in the scrapbooking section of the art supply store, I’ve always had great hopes for calligraphy, thinking it might find a hipper place within contemporary design. Over the last several years, the art form did just that: divorced its fusty past. Calligrapher Betsy Dunlop worked the script of this New […]

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