Here’s another example of a place where form and function meet: look at this gorgeous syringe. Beauty is not an afterthought, here–it’s at the root of the design. Smart Design–the firm responsible for this item–won the National Design Award in the category of “Product Design.”


Deborah Harry is a music and fashion icon. I’m always interested in fashion’s relationship to design, and the ways in which fashion’s significance–like design–goes well beyond (and around) haute couture runway shows. What has made The Sartorialist blog so popular is his combination of high and low settings–pedestrians on the street vs professionals on the […]


As Steve Jobs steps down from Apple, it seems like a great moment to think about what Mac has meant for design, among other fields. Here’s a great visual history of Mac’s first 31 years.


Back to school–or back to your desk. If you’re looking for something more refreshing than a new pack of pencils, check out our new Library Desk: Made of quartered walnut in a natural finish, the desk’s base is polished bronze. The drawer is adjustable for your legal or letter-sized files, and the pencil drawer locks!


Alyce Santoro gives the phrase “wearable art” new meaning–how about wearable music? Sonic Fabric–created by Alyce––is a textile made from audio cassette tape. For a fascinating story of origin, involving sailing and Tibetan flags, click here. Once woven, the tape can still be “played.” In 2003 I was commissioned to make a dress for Jon […]


Thanks to Marie Myung Ok-Lee for bringing this blog post to our attention. What do you consider your lucky charms? With a particular mechanical pencil, I feel I can always write–endowed with a superpower I can’t find when I’m pencil-free. Apparently, I’m not alone. Read this!


I never tire of Marimekko patterns or peeks into their process. Dwell Magazine has come through, several times. First, this article. Next, check out the slideshow. This summer, Marimekko teamed up with Converse:


You may have read the NADA art fair, in Artforum. One artist present was Marie Lorenz who sets sail in her homemade boats, following the tides with one lucky passenger at a time. She has been working on boat projects, since 1991. She writes: My artwork combines psycho-geographic exploration with highly crafted, material forms. I […]