Remember when we wrote about this discovery? The thrill was not cheap–nor has it died. Here’s a few examples of what you might choose to do with your Japanese paper tape while in temporary digs, or waiting for your art to come back from the framer: These shots are from this blog. Here are some […]

Imperfection at Its Best

I love this book idea as well as its long title: A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life: How to live creatively with collections, clutter, work, kids, pets, art, etc… and stop worrying about everything being perfectly in its place I think the title tells us what the book is about, […]


We’re not happy with these cooler climes, but we believe in getting ready. Chains have featured prominently in fashion, this year, but we like this softer take: a chain scarf This same talented knitter is also responsible for this scarf, which made it into the New York Times: [photos, here]

The Minimalists

Have you met ‘The Minimalists,” yet? If not, you might be interested in starting here. Though I resisted some of their suggestions, initially (such as clearing my Braun calculator and other well-designed objects off my desk), I’m continuing to read their invitations to ‘reduce,’ with interest. Here’s a great post on cleaning up your desk […]


Our friends over at From Your Desks featured an interview with designer Chip Kidd. If you aren’t familiar with his name, you are most certainly familiar with his book design. Here’s a peek at his desk: Not exactly the office of a minimalist, but charming in its own way. Here’s the interview.