It’s almost 2012, and a perfect time to stock up on your 2012 calendar. It’s hard to choose among the flood of attractive formats, but these make great gifts, too, if you want to buy them all: Beginning with an oldie but goodie, the Stendig Calendar. Here’s a much different take, for your desktop (your […]


To my favorite compulsive organizers out there, a new blog for you: Things Organized Neatly. When Martha Stewart Living doesn’t satisfy your need for order… [via]

Ice Ice Baby

Here’s something that makes me feel a little better about winter.  Apparently, several young builders in a preschool class moved out of the classroom and into the snow and ice, to build these gorgeous totems. This is something beautiful to try with your young (or old!) friends over the holiday, if it’s cold enough. [via […]

That Was Then and This is Now

Irina Werning has been working steadily on a series of paired portraits. Her Back to the Future 2 Series recreates original (child) portraiture with adult subjects, with details meticulously recreated. Everything changes and everything stays the same. You can find more of Irina’s work, here.


Have you seen the new Eames documentary, yet? The full title is Eames: The Architect and the Painter. Here’s a teaser, the trailer, above. Bonus: James Franco narrates! This just in, Ice Cube on the Eames: