Resident hero, Maira Kalman, collaborated with Michael Pollan to publish a new edition of his book, Food Rules. Here, Kalman speaks about her experience illustrating the book:


Also from Swiss Miss, this month: Tom Sachs’ love letter to Plywood, “the Queen.”


If you’re looking for a better-looking weather app, your search is over: wthr is a minimal app for your iphone based on Dieter Rams’ 10 Commandments of Design [via Swiss Miss]

Riddle: What’s the Difference Between Ice in Japan and the U.S.?

[via swiss miss]

Tent of Meeting

It’s getting warm, and I’m starting to fantasize about designer tents. A recent survey shows that the shape of a tent is still up for grabs, and yet we know one when we see it: [Treetents] [source] [field candy]

The Makers and Their Videos

Those of you who troll various blogs know that one trend abounds: photographs of the bloggers, themselves, making something: they’re cooking, gardening, fermenting, reupholstering, or de-cluttering a closet. And you are their captive audience. Rob Walker wrote an interesting piece for Design Observer about this phenomenon, the propensity to videotape “making.” Walker writes: “To keep […]