While it may seem strange to listen to (rather than look at) issues in design, several design podcasts have succeeded in creating large fan bases. As a medium, audio invites us to visualize independently, using our imaginations to conjure up images that match the sound. In this way, listening to the radio or to a […]

EDUCATION: Interactive Maps

Ever since Edward Tufte wrote Envisioning Information, we started to pay attention to what design can do when it comes to numbers: it can seduce, persuade, educate, and engage us in interpretive and decision-making processes. I was reminded of this while reading the New York Times, today. Did you see this interactive electoral map? Click […]

DAYTRIP: Museum of Innocence

The Museum of Innocence in Istanbul is a museum and also a novel—-both by Orhan Pamuk. In the museum, Pamuk represents each chapter of his book with a unique tableau, 83 of them. Unsurprisingly, Pamuk was a visual artist before he started writing. The building alone looks worth the trip. [via Design Observer, museum photos […]

LIT: Works that Work

a new magazine, whose editor describes it as “…the National Geographic of design…” You can find out more, here. We are interested in the manifestations of unexpected creativity in the real world. Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, showing just works that work, from around the globe.


A reminder, courtesy of Roxy Marj, a gifted illustrator (among other talents). You can find more of Roxy’s work, here.