Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Andrew Bird and from Maxine Snider Inc


Have you put off purchasing your 2013 calendar? Here’s a novel take : Developed and designed by Patrick Frey Industrialdesign (The video features a German scarf, but you can purchase the English version, here).


Why is it so pleasurable to read about talented siblings, especially those who collaborate? This Wall Street Journal article about Kiki and Seton Smith caught our attention, as did this video of the Fortunato sisters. Of a Kind: Lizzie Fortunato Jewels from Wild Combination on Vimeo.


Maira Kalman’s video homage to the Elements of Style


Why not? We’ll throw in with the rest of the gift guides. For the literary set on your list, what about commissioning a bookshelf portrait? Send in a photograph of your ten favorite book spines (together or separately), and your painting will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. This makes it late for Christmas, but […]

Gift Guide: More Advice

Looking for more advice? It seems to be in style, this year. While charging forward with new design and technology, we’re paying more attention to early design leaders and mavericks. Phaidon released the wisdom of George Lois with Damn Good Advice. Known as the original “Mad Man,” he is, according to Phaidon, “America’s Master Communicator”: […]

Gift Guide: 10 Principles for Good Design

The Ghostly Store is selling this poster. Perfect for the design-inclined in your life, the poster features the maxims of German industrial designer Deiter Rams, who is best know for his work with Braun. “The ten principles are illustrated by products designed at Braun by Rams and his colleagues (including the superlative ET66 calculator by […]