KEYHOLE: Collectors

Meet the Vogels, Dorothy and Herb. I’m late to the game in screening this heartening documentary about the famed art collectors who amassed one of the most important collections on two modest salaries–that of a librarian and postal worker. More accurately, they lived off of Dorthy’s salary as a librarian and Herb’s salary went solely […]


Catching up with Swiss Miss posts, today, I learned of several items that I’d like to stock in my modern-day emergency kit,  items that could come in handy when I’m in a tight spot. The teacup slingshot, a perfectly concealed office weapon It’s not actually a weapon, but rather uses the slingshot motion to drain […]


DesignSponge featured these young preservationists, on Thursday. They sent valentines to neglected buildings they love, especially those deemed “endangered.” This feels like a thoughtful and graphic strategy to express support for urban rehabilitation focused on improving existing structures, rather than bulldozing them. [All photos by Jason Wilson]

LOVE & Valentine’s Day & It’s Not Too Late to Send a Card

Forgot your Valentine, today? Send a classic Robert Indiana e-card from MoMA! or William de Kooning’s Valentine Happy Valentine’s Day from Maxine Snider Inc!