Sense: A Book of Colors

We read words, expressions, and situations. Graphic artist Antonio Ladrillo has created a book of ‘Colors’ that you ‘read’ by turning the pages in an immeasurable array of combinations. Choose your own color adventure per se that will spark your mind’s eye and captivate in both 2 and 3 dimension. He has also created a […]

5 Posters by Milton Glaser We Love

5 Posters by Milton Glaser We Love This Wednesday it is a bit gloomy outside in Chicago so we thought we would bring something bright and bold to you to contrast the weather. Milton Glaser is known around the world for his famous graphic designs. Most of you my know him from his wildly famous I […]

Spring In Chicago

Be Inspired By Spring In Chicago Happy April 1st everyone! The weather in Chicago today has us feeling refreshed and extra motivated so we thought we would get back to blogging. Since it is so wonderful outside we would like to share some inspiring spring photos from around Chicago that will hopefully brighten your day and remind you […]