Plywood Perfection

This out of the box furniture uses both design and architecture combined to make the most balanced unique pieces that are fully functional and are not lacking in creativity. This particular chair caught our attention— The ‘Counterpoise’ plywood chair Click Here to view more of their designs. To see more of what inspires us, follow along: Twitter, […]

Created with Time, Gone in Moments: Art in Salt

The Saltworks of Motoi Yamamoto are magnificent works of art that are created with just one medium… salt. His work is temporary yet monumental.  The salt symbolizes life and death and at the end of each show the artist brings the salt back to the sea. He has said, “Drawing a labyrinth with salt is […]

Petals as Paint

Rebecca Louise Law has a stunning take on recreating the elements of nature for others to enjoy. Typically she uses flowers, both dried and alive, in her art installations. Rebecca “replaced paint with flowers” and we are enjoying every bit of it. She brings nature indoors in the most elegant way. To view more of […]

A Diffused Spotlight

KNGB Creation has a passionate team of artisans that have created the Faro lamp. Each lamp is crafted using raw materials which allows each piece to be unique and authentic. The shade can be adjusted by two leather straps and the ‘projector’ is completely covered to add warmth and ambiance in the space.  It has the […]

Eleanor Ambos a living treasure, keeper of treasures

When asked to name her occupation Eleanor Ambos, looks up and then without pause looks you in the eye and answers ‘crazy’.  Here is a women who has spent the last 35 years renovating an old warehouse on Long Island and collecting many floors worth of furniture and accessories.  Used for interior design projects, photo […]

Bringing Curves to Creases

There are many different styles of the ancient art form of Origami.  When we came across Hoang Tien Quyet’s work we had to share his take on ‘wet folding’ which brings a softness to the objects that is not found in the traditional methods.  The detail he achieves is quite beautiful so we’ve shared below […]