Better with Age…

The 1085 Edition Chair Bartoli Design has created a new piece of furniture for its 2015 line and it is age defying. This chair is one that was made to age. The wooden base will withstand years of use and remain unchanged and yet the leather will get texture, deepen color, and soften over the years. […]

Kanto Plain Home

Architect Nobuo Araki has built this modern, functional, and natural home in the middle of Japan’s largest plain. It houses a single family and offers aesthetically pleasing elements that have the dual purpose of protecting the home and it’s occupants from the harsh summer sun as well as the blustery cold winters. The overhang covers […]

In New Light

Light can be seen in so many ways, from white to multicolored, to its brightness, in movement… but with this installation we see how colors blend. This gradient project shows us how only red, green, and blue lights come together on each white shaped surface to create endless combinations. Dennis Parren has several installations at […]

Contemporary Design for Children

Cose Da Bocia have turned repurposed materials into modern day kids furniture.  The collection pieces flow effortlessly within the home, with no separation between the space for adults and children in the modern home. It has a minimalist feel but the metal colors and rope materials add depth and playfulness to the designs. “The home, […]