Plank Furniture

Concealed storage meets minimalistic design with these new pieces designed by Max Lamb. We love the thoughtful design of each of the pieces which have hidden storage nooks inset within the center of the table top and in each bench. Lamb stated, “I’ve used full-width planks as the defining feature, both structurally and visually, with the key […]

Raw Details

Contemporary exposed elements meets classic design in this renovated Tokyo apartment. The unique installation of the herringbone flooring is a traditional detail in an otherwise modern living space. We appreciate the fact that leaving structural elements exposed is a popular trend among newly renovated Japanese homes.   Source: Architecture by: Kunihiko Matsuba and Seitaro Aso Check […]

Prints on wood

Eskayel has  partnered with Dane Co. to bring their unique abstract patterns to handcrafted furniture. The collection includes sofas, chairs, benches and ottomans made from 3 different species; ash, maple, and white oak that are covered in Eskayel’s digitally-printed designs in water-based ink. Such a brilliant collaboration between two notable brands.   (This chair is one of our favorites!) […]

House on the water

This floating house on Lake Huron sets itself apart immediately when you look at it. It is one of 5 unique homes at that area of the lake, this one floats like a pontoon so it adapts to the changing water levels that vary from month to month and year to year. It has a […]