Medieval Magic and Religion

Looking through The Book of Miracles is stepping back into a time when the European world looked for signs from the heavens and explained occurrences with causes magical.  Only recently discovered, it is now available in print from the publisher Taschen. For something created in 1552, the illustrations are wonderfully colorful and fanciful.  It is […]

Chicago Architecture Biennial

We are so proud to call Chicago home.  It is not often that an event as large and ambitious as the Chicago Architecture Biennial takes place in one’s own backyard.  The event kicked off on October 3rd and will run through January 3rd 2016.  It brings together over one hundred exhibitors from over thirty countries. […]

Color by its parts

We often think of color as what we are seeing at the moment.  Only from the angle of the artist’s eye is it viewed as a sum of individual elements.  Japanese design duo, Ima Moteki, have challenged us by creating a line of paints whose ‘names’ are its components instead of it’s end result. Each […]

Wood Transformed into Textile

Wood in the hands of textile team Tesler + Mendelovitch becomes a flexible and faceted ‘fabric’.  They’ve used their textile for a line of clutch style purses. The designers believe that ‘every material has it’s own chi or it’s own energy’ and they feel that wood especially ‘makes the body connect to nature and calms […]