Pigments by PIGMENT

Created by the versatile and multi-faceted firm, Warehouse Terrada, the new concept store, Pigment, has a clear vision. It approaches the materials and tools artists use as the key to a successful creation.  It seeks to offer only the best and often rare materials as well as tools, especially those that have lost appreciation in […]

Metzker-Master of Light

Perhaps we feel an affinity to Ray Metzker‘s work because his photographic roots were planted here in Chicago, our home base and his frequent subject matter.  Regardless, with his ability to capture light and lines, his images would have caught our attention. He pushed the boundaries of what could be done with black and white […]

A Wool Story: from start to finish

Sometimes it takes a what seems to be a simple stool to appreciate the many steps that go into making it.  Hanna Bramford has taken the wool from one sheared sheep then carded, treated, and felted it into 100 balls to create the seat. Her design starting point was to be inspired by a rebel.  […]

Iris Apfel – One who inspires

Released this year, the documentary ‘Iris’ follows the fashion icon to lectures, shopping trips, and allows us to see into the psyche of the woman whose exuberant personal style pairs with a humble and forthright life-view from which we take great inspiration. Iris Apfel began her professional life in the fashion magazine world.  With her […]