A Documentary a Day

As the winter weather rolls in, thoughts of indoor pursuits rise.  We came upon this curated list of documentaries that focus on those that have impacted the design and art world as well as films that hone in on a particular field.  A great way to spend an evening. Here are some of our top […]

The Pencil Redefined

When asked to look at the standard pencil and conceive a new sense and purpose for it, the 3rd year industrial design students at HIT, Holon Institute of Technology, rose to the challenge.  18 designs were created for the project, below are a selection.  We cannot help but be intrigued by the possibilities and use […]

When Clay Gives Way to Stone

While still in their soft state, a stone is placed on the edge of a clay vase.  The weight of the stone shapes the clay, forming a natural curve in response. Each piece is signed, numbered, and its formative stone is presented with the finished product.  The pieces are designed by Martin Azúa and produced in […]

Floating by Threads

To achieve the ambient light and suspended construction, the design firm Spitsburg wraps a thin fabric around an ash wooden ring which is then connected by six fine wire threads to the light source to create their ‘Floating Light‘. As the light passes through the fabric it is diffused into a soft glow, perfect for […]