Alban Fischer, graphic designer

It’s always interesting to learn about how the creative process works for other designers. Alban Fischer, most known for his imaginative book covers, describes the first step for him starts with type. Walking through our favorite book store his expressive lettering is a warm invitation to the stories inside. Alban affirms, “We need covers to reinforce […]

Molekule air purifier

Have you ever seen a glamorous air purifier before? We certainly hadn’t until we came across this design by Postler and Ferguson. The London based studio collaborated with the tech group Molecule to create a streamlined take on a typically bulky utilitarian appliance.  We never thought an air purifier could be so covet worthy.   Please follow […]

TALISE by fferone

As a Chicago design firm, we cannot resist sharing the refined work of Felicia Ferrone a fellow Chicagoan.  Ferrone seeks to elevate everyday design to new aesthetic heights and this water jug soars. The jug fits any standard sized water filter and can also be used for other beverages. The piece is made of Boroscilicate […]

Spring In Chicago

Be Inspired By Spring In Chicago Happy April 1st everyone! The weather in Chicago today has us feeling refreshed and extra motivated so we thought we would get back to blogging. Since it is so wonderful outside we would like to share some inspiring spring photos from around Chicago that will hopefully brighten your day and remind you […]

WALLPAPER: Herman Miller

Herman Miller has a gift for you: free wallpaper. This is the digital kind of wallpaper, no adhesive necessary. Your computer will thank you. Impress your neighbors at work!


If you’re looking for a better-looking weather app, your search is over: wthr is a minimal app for your iphone based on Dieter Rams’ 10 Commandments of Design [via Swiss Miss]

DAY TO DAY: Stendig Calendar + others

It’s time to take stock, clink glasses, and set up for 2011. Hang your calendar! We’ve been a fan of the Stendig Calendar for many years, but we’re conflicted this year. Pentagram’s wall calendar gives Stendig a run for its money. For those looking to make a physically, smaller statement, how about Noa Bemibre’s calendar?


For those of you stocking up on small things that can make the fall snap and winter more bearable, I recommend this German product for your cocktails. I just bought a small bottle and stuck it on the bar cart, next to our fireplace. I’m holding out for the first bitter day to make myself […]


  [Photo, Lohar Wolleh]  Artist Gerhard Richter’s schedule [via Daily Routines, via the New York Times]  He sticks to a strict routine, waking at 6:15 every morning. He makes breakfast for his family, takes Ella to school at 7:20 and is in the studio by 8. At 1 o’clock, he crosses the garden from the studio […]