EASIER: email

How to check email like a minimalist: Most of us receive a multitude emails each day. It’s easy to address them one by one, filtering and sorting and replying to them as they tumble into our inboxes. Most of the emails I receive are either positive or pointless—nice words from readers (positive) or junk mail […]


The fact that this post goes under the category “Easier” may mislead you: what I’m about to propose is no longer easier for most of us. 99% (and no, this is not related to the Occupy Movement; the 99% refers, here, to the famous ratio: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration), a great website regarding productivity […]


Nudge mail may sound like something you get from your pushy relative, but it’s actually an application designed to remind you when you’ve got important things to do. With your google calendar, your ical, and that datebook you’re carrying around, you may actually be forgetting what to do when, but nudge mail will give you […]


We like to gather home remedies that are easy and effective, and this one caught our eye: Refreshing your wood furniture. These photos were convincing [via designsponge]!


File this one away under “news” or “easier,” since any renter in the city might appreciate decals that afford the look of hand-stenciled lettering on the walls, with no need to cover them up when you move out. Design sponge featured Shanna Murray’s decals this morning, and they caught our attention. We’ve seen other decals […]

EASIER: Uten Silo

To remind you, the “Easier” feature of this blog is intended to give you a few ideas to make your life easier. This tip will only improve your life if you’re willing to spend money on the classic Uten Silo Wall Tidy. Designed in the late 1960’s, the wall tidy has not lost its cool–or […]


Technically speaking, this link will take you to a delightful place involving sight and–thanks to digital technology––touch. It’s precisely your touch that determines the pattern by which all these gorgeous shapes split and change color. I am not going to give you any more hints. Go here! Recommended when you need a little meditation time, […]

EASIER: bar codes on your iphone

We’re adding a feature to this blog called “Easier,” which will offer occasional tips to make your life easier. Here’s our hottest tip, and we hope we’re not late to this game: an iphone app that will actually scan all your important bar codes, the kind that hang clumsily on your key chain (your gym […]