Ed Wormley, a Lesser-known Master Modernist

Among the ranks of the Eames’s, Corbusier, Breuer, Nelson, and Bertoia is a Chicago native by the name of Ed Wormley.  Born at the end of 1907, Wormley began his professional development in interior design while still in high school.  He went on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1926, dropped out […]

Making combinations with Dieter Rams

Furniture by Dieter Rams, the iconic industrial designer, will be showcased at the Vitra Design Museum‘s exhibit “Modular Furniture” in Weil am Rhein, Germany. In the sixties and seventies Dieter’s designs for Braun electronics set the standard for minimalist design.  Designed for Braun, the radios, lighters, and record players are all characterized by a sleek aesthetic exposing the anatomy of […]

Design and Science, Past and Future

Design practice and scientific methodology became increasingly intertwined in the twentieth century.  This shift may have begun at the Bauhaus school in Germany, where designers, artists, and architects explored the relevance of industrial materials with an experimental curiosity.  The question that arose then remains much the same today: with our ever-expanding empirical understanding of the […]

Shaker purity

Shaker furniture is unsurpassed in its purity and craftsmanship. An exhibition of the Protestant sect’s work is on display now through Fall 2017 at the Art Institute in Chicago titled “Shakers and Movers: Selections from the Collection of Dr. Thomas and Jan Pavlovic.” The Shakers followed a humble lifestyle, practicing Christ-like purity; their beliefs are echoed in their […]

Snarkitecture’s Slip Bench

Snarkitecture fuses architecture and art to create truly unique home objects. We are particularly inspired by the streamlined proportions of the Slip Bench.   The bench is a true feat of geometry. It’s blocky center and descending form reminds us of mountains rising out of the ocean. Clean lines will always hold a sweet spot for us.   Their thoughtful […]

Bringing Birchbark to Modern Design

Turning birchbark into a usable material is an age old Siberian craft.  Anastasiya Koshcheeva has used the material to create the ‘fabric’ for her Taburet stool. Although she has been applying the wood in different applications, in her stool she sews and folds it to create a faceted seat which when viewed from alternate angles […]

Plank Furniture

Concealed storage meets minimalistic design with these new pieces designed by Max Lamb. We love the thoughtful design of each of the pieces which have hidden storage nooks inset within the center of the table top and in each bench. Lamb stated, “I’ve used full-width planks as the defining feature, both structurally and visually, with the key […]

Better with Age…

The 1085 Edition Chair Bartoli Design has created a new piece of furniture for its 2015 line and it is age defying. This chair is one that was made to age. The wooden base will withstand years of use and remain unchanged and yet the leather will get texture, deepen color, and soften over the years. […]

Contemporary Design for Children

Cose Da Bocia have turned repurposed materials into modern day kids furniture.  The collection pieces flow effortlessly within the home, with no separation between the space for adults and children in the modern home. It has a minimalist feel but the metal colors and rope materials add depth and playfulness to the designs. “The home, […]

Plywood Perfection

This out of the box furniture uses both design and architecture combined to make the most balanced unique pieces that are fully functional and are not lacking in creativity. This particular chair caught our attention— The ‘Counterpoise’ plywood chair Click Here to view more of their designs. To see more of what inspires us, follow along: Twitter, […]