DWELL visits Michael Graves

Dwell Magazine visited design icon Michael Graves in 2012 at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. Formerly a “disused warehouse,” the building seduced Graves immediately.

KEYHOLE: Collectors

Meet the Vogels, Dorothy and Herb. I’m late to the game in screening this heartening documentary about the famed art collectors who amassed one of the most important collections on two modest salaries–that of a librarian and postal worker. More accurately, they lived off of Dorthy’s salary as a librarian and Herb’s salary went solely […]

HERO: John Baldessari presented by Tom Waits

A brief (six minute) history of John Baldessari, as narrated by Tom Waits. To all the minimalists out there, here’s a man who burned all his possessions. Enjoy!


KEYHOLE: The Concrete House

I post this first picture for the love of the sawhorse. First showcased in Dwell and later, Remodelista, this kitchen counter is made from a giant slab of cypress on two sawhorses. But in taking the full “tour” of this house, I found countless things to love–such as the daybed and the study (right down […]


The Selby strikes again. We’re particularly interested in work spaces, and Todd Selby is, too. Here are two places where Longo makes the magic happen. For more images, click here.  


The Guardian indulges our voyeurism with a series on writers’ rooms. Here is David Starkey’s writing space.   “I organise my work in the form of a daily diary. Each chapter is strictly chronological but is also monothematic – say, a war, a set of peace negotiations, a joust. I normally begin my first paragraph just […]


You may already be hooked on Todd Selby‘s web-site, but the appearance of artist Xavier Veilhan caught our attention. We’re also jealous of the drinking fountain in his studio.    


Hopefully, you have already found your way to the addictive web-site, The Selby, where Todd Selby takes us on tours of fabulous homes and apartments, in states ranging from compulsively ordered to total disarray. If not, get thee to The Selby, pronto. Even the daily detritus sprinkled around Peaches Geldof’s apartment is compelling.