Dos å Dos, a book not a dance

Exploring art and history one can find wonderful objects.  The dos-à-dos or back to back binding of a book was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.  These books are very rare to find today.     Not only would it be somewhat practical, in that there would be one less ‘cover’ to create in the […]

The Parthenon of Books

A rousing political art piece by Marta Minujin will be on display in Kassel, Germany as part of documenta 14, an ongoing exhibition and place for debates on contemporary culture and its current sociopolitical contexts. Documenta, which occurs every 5 years, has broken into two sites – one in Kassel, one in Athens – for the 2017 exhibition. […]

Japanese Woodblock Prints – A Reintroduction

Japanese woodblock prints from the 17th to 20th centuries have been collected, digitized, and made available to the public through the Library of Congress. Frequently depicted in the block prints are actors, women, landscapes, daily life, Japanese literature scenes, and views of Western foreigners; themes present from moments of leisure and entertainment in Japan. According […]

Alban Fischer, graphic designer

It’s always interesting to learn about how the creative process works for other designers. Alban Fischer, most known for his imaginative book covers, describes the first step for him starts with type. Walking through our favorite book store his expressive lettering is a warm invitation to the stories inside. Alban affirms, “We need covers to reinforce […]

Medieval Magic and Religion

Looking through The Book of Miracles is stepping back into a time when the European world looked for signs from the heavens and explained occurrences with causes magical.  Only recently discovered, it is now available in print from the publisher Taschen. For something created in 1552, the illustrations are wonderfully colorful and fanciful.  It is […]

In New Light

Light can be seen in so many ways, from white to multicolored, to its brightness, in movement… but with this installation we see how colors blend. This gradient project shows us how only red, green, and blue lights come together on each white shaped surface to create endless combinations. Dennis Parren has several installations at […]

Sense: A Book of Colors

We read words, expressions, and situations. Graphic artist Antonio Ladrillo has created a book of ‘Colors’ that you ‘read’ by turning the pages in an immeasurable array of combinations. Choose your own color adventure per se that will spark your mind’s eye and captivate in both 2 and 3 dimension. He has also created a […]


Over the years, classic Penguin design has garnered a cult following among the literati and design world. So fetishized have these early penguin covers been that mugs, tee shirts, posters, and even a table (!) have been fashioned to feature them. Here they are in their serial glory. Somehow, the sum appears even better than […]


Maira Kalman’s video homage to the Elements of Style

LIT: Works that Work

a new magazine, whose editor describes it as “…the National Geographic of design…” You can find out more, here. We are interested in the manifestations of unexpected creativity in the real world. Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, showing just works that work, from around the globe.