Step into Kinfolk magazine

Every few months we look forward to being greeted by a gorgeous cover of Kinfolk magazine. The toothy paper, natural lit photos and bold composition are always a delight for our senses. The Design Issue The magazine founded by Nathan Williams and Doug Bischoff  in 2011 is based out of Portland.  It features photo essays, […]

María Elena González, Sculptor

We are greatly anticipating María Elena González’s upcoming show at Herschel + Adler Gallery in New York City. María’s work is rooted in the use of natural materials such as wood and pulp papers resonating with our connection to the natural world. Turn #1 Untitled Over the past few years, she has branched out to music […]

IntoConcrete pen

With a new year beginning, the desire to reorganize and update the office unsurprisingly follows. Without a doubt, we are very keen on stylish office supplies which led us to discover IntoConcrete. The design group based in Chicago, is known for its unusual treatment of concrete in all of their products, which include jewelry and lighting in addition to office […]

Ash + Ash sustainable design

Recently, we came across Ash + Ash, a home in Mount Tabor in Portland, designed by eco-friendly architecture firm Hennebery Eddy. Ash + Ash not only has lovely proportions, it’s also LEED certified.  The space includes rainwater recovery processing, transforming Oregon’s rainy days into safe drinking water. The wood covered interiors activate our creative thinking serving as a retreat from the […]

TALISE by fferone

As a Chicago design firm, we cannot resist sharing the refined work of Felicia Ferrone a fellow Chicagoan.  Ferrone seeks to elevate everyday design to new aesthetic heights and this water jug soars. The jug fits any standard sized water filter and can also be used for other beverages. The piece is made of Boroscilicate […]

Pencil Shaded Shapes as Wallpaper

The creative team at Front Designs approached this collection by first cutting shapes out of paper.  After putting together several variations they made pencil drawings of the layouts. Using these for the final collection allows the patterns to be subtle yet have a three dimensional quality that adds interest to wall. They partnered with Eco […]

Floating by Threads

To achieve the ambient light and suspended construction, the design firm Spitsburg wraps a thin fabric around an ash wooden ring which is then connected by six fine wire threads to the light source to create their ‘Floating Light‘. As the light passes through the fabric it is diffused into a soft glow, perfect for […]

In New Light

Light can be seen in so many ways, from white to multicolored, to its brightness, in movement… but with this installation we see how colors blend. This gradient project shows us how only red, green, and blue lights come together on each white shaped surface to create endless combinations. Dennis Parren has several installations at […]

Gift: Holiday Wants

Here are a few items that have caught our eyes to either give or receive this holiday season. While making the party rounds , the Aplat canvas tote is like no other for transporting a fresh-made pie or home-baked bread. Aplat in french means ‘lays flat’ or ‘for dishes’ which is why it is the […]

TREND: Mood Indigo

It’s not that blue was ever out of style; it’s just that now everyone is calling it “indigo.” In some cases, that’s accurate—-like when describing Maura Grace Ambrose’s hand-stitched indigo-dyed quilts. These beauties arrive in a handmade cedar box. All of the quilts, above, are made of linen hand-dyed with natural indigo dye. The quilt […]