Design and Science, Past and Future

Design practice and scientific methodology became increasingly intertwined in the twentieth century.  This shift may have begun at the Bauhaus school in Germany, where designers, artists, and architects explored the relevance of industrial materials with an experimental curiosity.  The question that arose then remains much the same today: with our ever-expanding empirical understanding of the […]

A childhood fantasy come to life: Sweden’s Treehotel

We are enamored with the Treehotel located deep in the forrest of Harad, Sweden. The Treehotel lives at the very tip top of what feels like the whole world, Harad and is an excellent resting place for travelers on their way to see the Northern Lights in the nearby Arctic Circle. Owners Kent and Britta Lindvall commissioned […]

Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

The design of a museum can be a curious exploration. The structure needs to meet the needs of the art that will be displayed within yet it also should present itself with comparable style and innovation.  The Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis has risen to the challenge. The most striking feature is the undulating rooftop […]

Dynamics in Impermanence by Nicole Larkin

In its twentieth year, Sculptures by the Sea in Sydney made a roaring debut.  One submission with particular verve is Nicole Larkin‘s “Dynamics in Impermanence” at Bondi Beach.  The structure is made from birch plywood, stainless steel, and concrete and is then lit at night. Its location on a rocky outcrop allows the piece to […]

MATTER: Origami Lamps

Issey Miyake is recycling with unprecedented style, collaborating with Artemide to make these origami-style lamps from recycled bottles. More specifically, the lamps are made of  fabric that is made from recycled bottles. The line of lamps includes floor, table and hanging fixtures. In collaboration with Italian lighting brand Artemide, Miyake’s Reality Lab researched and developed […]


To my favorite compulsive organizers out there, a new blog for you: Things Organized Neatly. When Martha Stewart Living doesn’t satisfy your need for order… [via]


Ever thought a can of cat food might make a beautiful silver cuff, as-in-bracelet? Me neither! But Jean-Paul Gaultier did. He cut off both ends, dipped it in silver, and called it jewelry. Susan Orlean’s New Yorker profile on Jean-Paul Gaultier reveals that the designer has great powers to recast the ordinary. By definition, he […]

TRAVEL: the wheels on the bus

I had to share this with you, in case you missed it [via Apartment Therapy]. [images] “I was in no way looking to purchase a double-decker bus, but I had been considering ways to create my own unique environment for years,” -Crystal Thomas, who bought a double-decker bus, to convert into a guest cottage. Here’s […]


I’ll venture to call Polaroid film a utopian idea, at least when it was first proposed: the idea was shocking–shake your film in plain air and watch the image emerge. In February 2008, Polaroid ceased to make Polaroid film, opting to focus entirely on digital products. Not satisfied to go quietly into the night, several […]


We can’t help but feature blocks here, once again. We’ve found a company that combines two of our interests: wood blocks and intentional communities, or utopias. The Bruderhof, a communal society founded in Germany, moved to Paraguay, and settled, finally, in North America (on several different sites or “hofs”), make their living with simple wood toys. If you’re interested in […]