An Unexpected Studio Space

Finding a private space in the midst of a city can be a daunting task. Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas has begun a series of hidden   workspaces around the city of Valencia. This creation tucked beneath a highway underpass is the first.

Playing on the concept of hidden nooks that a child would go into, the studio allows him to stay hidden in plain sight.  While being part of the surroundings, he is also separated from it.  The juxtaposition of these two states allows for sense of peace which in turn spurs creativity.

The design operates with a hand crank that opens and closes the outer ‘walls’.  This space and those that follow will remain until discovered and either the materials are stolen or the city removes.  The clean design and seamless placement make the studio feel it was meant to always be there.   View some of his furniture designs on his Instagram.


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