Breathing Colour

Designer Hella Jongerius fights notions of perfect colors in her exhibition “Breathing Colour” at London’s Design Museum.

Jongerius, the Art Director for colors and materials for Vitra, uses the exhibition to explore the interaction between color and light throughout the day. The show consists of ‘color catchers’ (round, faceted objects with a hole in the center), woven ‘movies’ (series of textiles that mimic the frame of a film), and lacquered vases.

Jongerius elevates the control of her catchers by mixing only contrasting colors. “It’s so wonderful, and it’s a totally different kind of grey that we can buy as industrial designers as plastic granulates or in powder coats. It’s a much nicer way of getting a dark colour – it’s multilayered.”  She believes that the colors manufacturers use should be more layered and have depth so they come alive in different lighting conditions and react when placed next to other colors and materials.

Her use of color, light, and materials forces the viewer to experience a color as something dynamic rather than static.  Her concept and execution is an experience to be had.  To learn more about her work visit her website.

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