Multiply Like Rabbits Jewelry

3D printing has been a useful tool for jewelry making due to its quick production time, variety of material choices, high detail and accessibility. A Brooklyn studio called Multiply Like Rabbits  uses 3D printing as a first step to produce jewelry with rabbits on them.

They first start by 3D printing the pieces from high resolution wax, later on they cast the pieces using the lost wax casting method and the pieces are polished by hand. The pieces come in brass, bronze, silver and custom.

The mastermind behind the designs Artur Dabrowski believes that “Design is best when its not designed.” He chooses to use rabbits in his jewelry pieces because he sees the animal as a way to express thoughts and feelings.

He started drawing rabbits at a young age and started personifying them, later on he had a collection of drawings all telling different stories and it inspired him for the jewelry pieces. Their collection consists of rings, necklaces, bracelets and suit accessories.


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