A Home as a Museum

In contrast to the sterile oversized environments of most museums is the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, a 15th-century Venetian-style palace filled to the brim with textures, art and life.

The entire collection belonged to Isabella Stewart Gardner, a woman who spent her life traveling the world and purchasing rare works of art along with her husband.

Each room is named for a painter, a painting, or a theme that ties the contents of the rooms together, such as the Raphael Room or the Long Gallery.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum is kept as it was at the time of Gardner’s death due to a stipulation in her will stating “that the permanent collection not be significantly altered”. This may have remained the case if not for the heist that was carried out in 1990 by two men that were able to steal 13 pieces from multiple rooms. To this day, there is a $5 million reward for anyone with information that could lead to the location of the stolen art.

The original frames of the art are still hanging empty on the walls as a reminder of what used to be there.

Walking through this museum, there is a rich sense of history and personality that is not present in other museums. Every detail curated by Gardner fills the room purpose and beauty.

Take some time to view all of the rooms in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, or to read more of the history.

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