Alban Fischer, graphic designer

It’s always interesting to learn about how the creative process works for other designers. Alban Fischer, most known for his imaginative book covers, describes the first step for him starts with type. Walking through our favorite book store his expressive lettering is a warm invitation to the stories inside. Alban affirms, “We need covers to reinforce our beliefs in a book’s power.”

Fischer Cover

Arsbotanica, 2017

His collaboration with Curbside Splendor Publishing in Chicago has produced a variety typefaces. He manipulates letters, partially concealing them or crinkling them up, at times making them appear to move around the cover. Alban’s dynamic type truly expresses the tone of the stories bubbling inside.


Insignificana, 2016

After creating the cover and layout for the first edition of Amber Sparks “May We Shed these Human Bodies”, he was invited back by Curbside to redesign the second edition. We believe the hand lettered type for the second edition is a more astute visualization of the books whimsical plot.


May We Shed these Human Bodies, First Edition, 2012


Second Edition, 2015

When graphic design mixes imagery and type,  it makes book design an interest of ours. Due to designers like Alban, books continue to engage us with fresh voices. We celebrate his artistic evolution.

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