Balloon Clock

Balloons play an important role in a children’s life. It is there at parties, birthdays and many other activities that can be related with good memories. HEARTSTORMING a Seoul based designer and makers studio found in 2011 specializes in product design and their goal is to make our heart smile with their playful products.

The Aria Balloon clock is inspired by a balloon, the top part is transparent plastic. It has 12 wrinkles that indicate time. The designer’s goal is to make the user return to the innocence of childhood.  It is available in different colors and it can be used on the floor or on the wall.

We appreciate the whimsy of the product in combination with the simple and clean design.  It can be used in any room or interior style.  Not only is it functional but it makes us smile as well.

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  1. Wow, It’s amazing. Looks fascinating.