Collage in Architecture: a New Image

More than its predecessors the typewriter and printing press, the computer has had a profound impact on human life.  This humble post was written on one and is likely being read on one as well.  Indeed, we are surrounded.  So, how do we adapt to this technology?  Architects have been working on this problem in their practices for decades, and as the technology continues to improve, they have found some surprising answers in the mixture of old and new techniques.

Executives Shadows Bridge Guy Billout

Spurred by disdain for the highly sterile computer rendering, many architects have reverted to old techniques such as watercolor and collage to convey their ideas, and the results are captivating images.

Isolated Architecture by Joseph Ignacio Ruiz

With these new techniques, architects are crossing over into the art realm as the images they produce become increasingly beautiful.  They will often insert art historical references into the works, like this swimmer above who appears to have been plucked from a David Hockney painting.

Floor Plan for Hamptons House also by Ruiz

In this beautifully crafted plan, we can see the contrast between the nature of the site and the rigidity of the building.

Egocentric House by Chelsea Kilburn

Miami Architecture by Architectonica

We love the way these architects take a playful approach to create the image of a building.  It’s always a pleasure when an architectural representation becomes a work of art in itself.  For more of these intriguing drawings, take a look at the blog Koozarch, “a visionary platform of architecture” that inspires us with work from architects all over the world.

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