Exploded Chair – Joyce Lin

The ubiquitous form of a wooden chair is called into question by artist and designer Joyce Lin with her “Exploded Chair”.

Lin’s chair is a “response to themes of inter/dis-connectivity with our environment”, and is an unanswered question of the relationship between materiality and permanence. By encasing the separate pieces of the chair in acrylic boxes, commonly held notions of the functionality and strength of the wooden chair are removed. Instead, the unfinished, unconnected joinery becomes the focus, and the strength of the chair is revealed in the moment two boxes meet.

This striking piece is clearly expressive of Lin’s “[passion] about making interactive sculptures and functional objects as a mode of exploration and play”. We enjoy the whimsical contrast between the functional exterior and the untethered interior, that seen from afar, appears unstable, defying logic and gravity. It isn’t until the chair has drawn you in that you understand the unique relationship of this chair’s parts to its whole.

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