Garden of Architectural Dreams

“An absolute garden, synthesis of nature and architecture”.

A collaboration between Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi and the Dubai based group Designlab Experience has resulted in Archetype, a large scale wire mesh installation that blends the visual connections of natural and architectural space. Fabricated for a royal event in Abu Dhabi, the installation encompasses 7,ooo sqm of space that creates a contemporary design language by blending classical and modern typologies.

Archetypal architectural designs are disrupted by pure geometries, wire birds, and living plant life, creating an atmosphere crossing between reality and a dream.

The physical layers that build up in this installation allow the viewer to reinterpret the contrasts and connections of the garden, as well as the formalities of space historically known to architecture.

We are incredibly jealous of those that were able to see this in person, the richness of the space and atmosphere is thrilling even through images.

When the event is over, some portions of Archetype will be relocated to museums and universities across the UAE, where we hope to eventually have the chance to experience them in person.

Check out more work by Tresoldi and Designlab Experience.

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