María Elena González, Sculptor

We are greatly anticipating María Elena González’s upcoming show at Herschel + Adler Gallery in New York City. María’s work is rooted in the use of natural materials such as wood and pulp papers resonating with our connection to the natural world.

turn 1, 2016

Turn #1

untitled, 1990


Over the past few years, she has branched out to music and video work to accompany her sculptures. Maria is an explorer of the arts, constantly delving into the best mediums to express her work’s message. As Maria explores immersive elements in her pieces, she will include piano performances to accompany her Skowhegan Birch series during her “Tree Talks.” The performances will play compositions that sound like the forest. We anticipate the show to be quite an enlivening experience.

skowhegan Birch #2

Skowhegan Birch#2

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