Pneuhaus Fabric Prism

Featured in last months PVDFest in Providence Rhode Island, Pneuhaus‘s Fabric Prism No. 2 is what happens when a sculpture meets a science lesson in light dispersion. The exterior of the piece exists as a shell of 3-D pyramids colored in primary blues, greens, and reds. While beautiful from the outside, the inside is where the true magic happens.


FabricPrism2Pneuhaus Fabric Prism No.2
FabricPrism3Pneuhaus Fabric Prism No. 2


Once inside the structure, the viewer is presented with a gradient of color caused by sunlight filtering onto the white interior fabric. The result is a stunning representation of the transformative nature of light and color. The gradient you see is dependent on the time of day and the position of the sun.


FabricPrism5Pneuhaus Fabric Prism No.2
FabricPrism6Pneuhaus Fabric Prism No. 2


While we weren’t able to see the piece in person, we look forward to seeing more of and hearing more about Pneuhaus’s work in the future. Visit their website to see more spectacular work, and as always please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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