Subway Library

Commuting in New York has just become an exciting diversion thanks to Subway Library, a new digital platforms that allows riders to access hundreds of digital books and short reads for their commute.

NYC Public libraries, New York State, MTA and Transit Wireless have come together to celebrate actual cell service and free Wifi on all underground subway stations, resulting in not only Subway Library as digital content, but in the redecoration of a few cars to advertise the news and to resemble libraries.

Bringing the warm and calming aesthetic of a library to the congested and bustling NYC subway trains will hopefully slow people down and reintroduce them to a world of leisure and shared interests among strangers. It’s so easy to get caught up in a fast paced life, and taking a moment to breathe and enjoy a book will surely be a more pleasant way to start and finish the work day.

Take a minute to remember what makes you feel calm, or to think about something you enjoy. Think about bringing that into your daily life and remembering that the small enjoyments of life can make a big impact.

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