The Factory

Has any place ever filled you with tremendous awe? With wonder and dreams of a different world? The way we feel while looking at The Factory, designed by Ricardo Bofill, just touches on these notions.

This amazing multi-functional home was once an abandoned cement factory, left for ruin in Sant Just Desvern, Spain. The enormous complex held over 30 silos, multiple subterranean galleries and huge machine rooms. Bofill’s vision for what could be transformed it into the main office of Taller de Arquitectura, including offices, model labs, archives, a library, a projection room and “The Cathedral”, used for exhibitions and cultural activities surrounding the architectural profession.

Carving new spaces and new life into a rejected volume brings such delicacy to the factory; the contrast of the discolored cement, oversized rooms and production elements with the light interior decorations and architectural production space is just brilliant.

This is a place that is rich with history and the effort to revitalize an amazing space. Bofill reminds us that the go-to of architecture and construction should not be to tear down and build over, but to look for the potential of a place and to look deeply into it to see all of its potential.

For more of the Factory, see ArchDaily as well as a video by NOWNESS with Albert Moya,

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