The Magic Table

Junya Ishigami is known for creating astounding works of art and architecture; from a massive floating aluminum balloon, to an artificial interior forest that acts as a workshop, Ishigami defies the norm and pushes boundaries. This has been the case since one of his first completed works, a project that has been dubbed “the magic table”.

Designed for a temporary exhibition, this is an extraordinarily thin table – only 3mm – that seems to float in the air – held up only by 4 small legs on the ends. The table is as complex and challenging as any other project, requiring an extremely large, (9.5m x 2.6m) pre-stressed steel panel to be curled into itself in a seemingly impossible manor, so that it was able to be unfurled into a perfectly horizontal plane, without the middle dipping downward.

The table can only be properly flattened out once many objects are placed on top of it in locations calculated with precise applied and calculated loads.

The result is a astounding, an decidedly rigid looking table with movements that mimic a fluid as the table is disturbed.

The work put into this, as well as the outcome, stretch what we know as the limits of furniture design, and never ceases to amaze us.

See more of Ishigami’s work here.

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