A childhood fantasy come to life: Sweden’s Treehotel

We are enamored with the Treehotel located deep in the forrest of Harad, Sweden. The Treehotel lives at the very tip top of what feels like the whole world, Harad and is an excellent resting place for travelers on their way to see the Northern Lights in the nearby Arctic Circle. Owners Kent and Britta Lindvall commissioned seven architects to interpret the treehouse theme. The houses shed all barriers between the guests and the crackling forest. Here is a sampling of our favorites:

The Birds Nest by Inrednun Gsgruppen



The UFO by Inrednun Gsgruppen



The Mirrorcube by Tham + Videgärd Arkitekter is equally enchanting


The immersive nature of the suites is unparalled. We imagine the houses to be the ideal setting for Tomas Tranströmer, master Scandinavian poet, to write and reflect. In his poem Prelude (1954) he describes the magic of the Scandinavian forest:

Waking up is a parachute jump from dreams.
Free of the suffocating turbulence the traveler
Sinks toward the green zone of morning.
Things flare up. From the viewpoint of the quivering lark
he is aware of the huge root systems of the trees,
their swaying underground lamps. But aboveground
there’s greenery -a tropical flood of it- with
lifted arms, listening
to the beat of an invisible pump.

Without a doubt Tranströmer, would have enjoyed a stay at the Treehotel, as would we.

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